In honor of the upcoming Earth Day – Alexander’s Spotlights our favorite earth friendly product lines:

Doctor D. Schwab – Their green philosophy is at the core of every action Doctor S. Schwab takes. They believe that being green is a lifestyle supported through their actions. Doctor D. Schwab products are safe, natural, and pure. Many of our herbal ingredients are extracted using the latest CO2 technology, a gentle and eco-friendly way.

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Sugar of the Nile – Made from all natural and organic ingredients, sugar, water, and lemon. It is 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable, and reduces waste because there are no sticks or strips.

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Moxie Sugar Wax is an all natural Sugar Paste containing only three ingredients: water, sugar and lemon juice.  All materials are handmade in Colorado.  There are no added dyes, chemicals, fillers or perfumes.

Learn more about Moxie Sugar Paste

For Intrinics Cotton, It’s Easy Being Green
Aside from that critical processing fact, cotton offers a litany of additional green traits: it’s all-natural, it’s not man-made/synthetic, and it’s biodegradable. When it comes to professional spa products, the best supplies are also more durable, meaning they’ll last much longer. This leads to using fewer pieces, and slowing down their inevitable journey to that dirty little secret place known as the landfil. But once there, you can take comfort in the fact that that cotton products will break down, and not still be sitting there when your children’s children’s children are alive.

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Did you know? 

Alexander’s brand waxing sticks are biodegradable and compostable…Our biodegradable and compostable sticks break down and decomposes in the environment, and since they are made from organic matter they also break down to become nutrient-rich soil.

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