Beautiful In Your Skin Month

Beautiful In Your Skin Month

Hi Dolls, this is an interesting blog/topic to write about. June is Beautiful in Your Skin month. I thought it would be fun to ask our staff about how they feel beautiful in their skin and products that they use in the process of enhancing their beauty. I feel like this blog highlighted an interesting finding. As I asked our team how they felt beautiful in their skin, it became more apparent how difficult it is to answer.  Why is it so hard to acknowledge and say out loud what we find beautiful about ourselves?  Even I, myself, struggled and that’s weird for a Leo (big heads, normally).  Answers came rolling in more about the products that the team is using instead of qualities about themselves, interesting right? 

I think collectively as a society, humans struggle to see the beauty we as individuals hold. As answers were emailed back to me I thought a few times, I wondered why they didn’t say this or that. I even told my boss lady Wendi, owner of the CO office, that she should have mentioned her amazing curly, gray hair. I think her original answer was selfcare, healthy eating and exercising. Aging gracefully was her final answer! If I was Wendi I would have said my cool hair and smile.  Cee, the owner of the CA office, said, “I love CA Botana G.S. Ginkgosome keeps my skin hydrated up to 12 hours BEAUTIFUL.” I instantly thought, “but what about your smile?”. More answers came in similar to this.  There is nothing wrong with the responses but it seemed interesting how hesitant we all were about acknowledging something special about ourselves. 

Answers from the team. 

  •  Scott : Verbally said at first he didn’t know, but I prompted how he likes to sunbathe (with SPF) and being tan makes him feel beautiful. 
  • Tiffany: “I love using the Cucumber Toner all day long to keep my skin plump and hydrated so it glows”
  • Amy: “Clean face and floating in her pool.” 
  • Cee: I love CA Botana G.S.Ginkgosome keeps my skin hydrated for up to 12 hours BEAUTIFUL.” 

What answers would I have preferred? 

Well, I wanted to obviously control all the answers (once again, #Leo) because it’s incredibly easy for me to answer what is beautiful about other people. 

If I was Wendi, I would have said I am beautiful because I listen and consider everyone’s thoughts and ideas allowing others to feel seen, I have cool hair and a great smile. If I was Cee, I would have said I have the cutest smile, I compliment others, and make sure I always do a good job; and that’s beautiful about me. If I was Scott, I would say I like my blue eyes and my ability to remember names, oh and that I like a nice tan.  If I was Tiffany, I would have said my hair and coloring it with vibrant colors and also how well I teach. I could say all these things about others but I found I struggled too. I even thought maybe I should draft a spider web brainstorming page………. WHAT!  First off, do you guys and gals remember those? Anywhoo, I felt how hard it is to say something about myself without feeling “full of it”. 

How do we change the narrative of how we view our beauty?

If you figure it out, can you tell me? 

Because I’m pretty far into this blog and still having an issue typing out what makes me feel beautiful.  Skincare and all things esthetics is obviously a huge part of my life as an aesthetician and an esthetic educator, but it’s hard to talk about products here, because at core essence with or without products we have so much beauty to give. 

What do we consider beautiful in general? We all know the generic answers but we don’t have enough space for them here. So I’ll give you what I’ve thought while writing this. Maybe we feel beautiful when we do something that makes us feel proud, or when we are brave. Do we feel beautiful when we listen fully to others, volunteer with organizations we love, or help our friends when they move? What about when our hair is literally slaying the game, our skin is freaking flawless because we put in the homecare dedication, or our nails have the most boujee artwork?  How about when we say sorry for mistakes we make and take the correct actions to fix things? I think beauty is all of these things. All of the small parts of us, the parts we need to acknowledge, you know the special thing, no matter how small. 

This may be the most cliché thing I’ve ever jotted down but I love this quote I read on Facebook.

“Butterflies can’t see their wings, they can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.”

Trinnie Maldonado, Esthetician educator & marketing assistant, 2022

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