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Webinar 2: Ingestible Skin Care with Bend Beauty

February 10, 2020:  Beauty and skincare regimens have historically been solely focused on what goes on the outside. We treat the skin with topical products and treatments without giving much thought or attention to what’s going on inside our bodies. Ingestible … Continue reading

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LYCOJET Lavender Hot Wax Facial Waxing Demo

In this video, Lycon demonstrates how to wax short, stubborn chin hairs with one of Lycon’s stubborn hair superheroes – LYCOJET Lavender Hot Wax! Happy LYCON Waxing! Shop Lycon products

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Check out our Vegan products!

Celebrated annually on November 1st by vegans all over the globe, World Vegan Day is a day to commemorate and advocate for the vegan lifestyle. According to many prominent vegans, the vegan lifestyle offers a wide range of benefits for … Continue reading

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