Suns out, buns out

Hello friends, I hope July is treating you well.  Most of us experience this month as the warmest/sunniest month of the year. 

With that being said, estheticians are here for the win when it comes to sun protection and skin health for our clients. This blog will be short, sweet and a little all over the place (kind of like me ;), with different thoughts and ideas on how we retail products and provide fun summer services that keep our clients safe from the rays and get their skin ready to flaunt. 

A few quick ideas 

  • Booty facials 
  • Back facials 
  • Ingrown treatments
  • Retail exfoliant products
  • Of course SPF, I’ll tell you my favorite picks later

Did someone say booty facial?

YES! You read that correctly. Have you been to the beach or any body of water for that fact lately? Thong bikinis are the dang deal right now. I honestly am living for it, the confidence, body positivity and cute suits, absolutely love! But what’s even better, new job security for estheticians. I can’t tell you how many booty treatments/services I did last summer. And esty’s, this service is easy, effective and your clients will love the results. Same for back treatments. 

I said this was a short blog, but there will be booty facial protocol included here and Alexander’s Aesthetics in Colorado will be offering an in-person Back Treatment Technique course in September. 

Retail bby, retail. 

Passive income is the absolute game changer. 

I struggled retailing products or feeling like a product pusher for years and still sometimes do. Having an online store has helped with that, also reminding myself, estheticians aren’t just selling just to sell, we are selling to help. Sun protection is so vital to every single human, yet so many people wear zero SPF. We have a chance to educate about SPFand the effects the sun has on our skin, making it easier to present to our client for a sale. 

Check out my favs 

There are so many other great products. Check them out here.

Trinnie Maldonado, Esthetician educator & marketing assistant, 2022

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