Take a walk down memory lane this Valentine’s Day as we honor the creator and founder of Alexander’s Aesthetics

Take a walk down memory lane this Valentine’s Day as we honor the creator and founder of Alexander’s Aesthetics: Alexander Desy. His vision of providing ongoing support for estheticians through education and quality products has kept us going for 30+ years.

Alexander Desy was a concerned professional aesthetician who believed that only the best was good enough both for his profession and his clients.

In 1977, he received his aesthetician’s license from one of the finest aesthetic schools in the United States. He then became owner of Prima Facie Salon in San Francisco. Alexander always enjoyed the challenge of working with his clients every day and trying to correct all of their skin care problems.

April of 1983 was when Alexander’s Aesthetics began and grew to become an exclusive supplier of skin care accessories for the professional aesthetician.

For Alexander, to educate and train an aesthetician was his most important goal. He felt that since he was an aesthetician himself and had worked in the field for many years, he could provide the aesthetician with real and constructive support.

It was also Alexander’s desire to open a place that would provide total service to the professional aesthetician. By offering accessories, equipment, a complete line of skin care products, and education. Alexander believed that this was the first business of its kind in the country.

Training classes proved to be very successful and informative to all attending aestheticians.

Alexander passed on and the shop was taken over by his mother, Margaret Desy, whose goal was to maintain Alex’s passion and dream for Alexander’s Aesthetics. And she did it! She did it so well, that she retired in Florida and passed the dream on to her cousins, Pat and Cee Michael. Dedicated not only to preserving a family tradition, but also to providing the best salon equipment and esthetic wholesale supplies, customer service, and education in the esthetic industry, Pat and Cee strive hard to keep Alexander’s Aesthetics the best source of total wholesale accessories for the professional aesthetician.

Alexander’s Aesthetics Inc has a sister site in Colorado owned and operated by Wendi Hinrichs, daughter of Pat and Cee… For those in the Colorado area or East of Colorado

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